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ESI 194 Super Relay Buddy


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Super Relay Buddy is the next generation tester for 12 volt automotive relays!

  • It applies a 7+ amp load to the relay and looks for excessive voltage drop
  • Test results are displayed by the green, red, or yellow LED
  • Super Relay Buddy® #194 can test 6 different types of relays
  • Super Relay Buddy’s® most significant feature is the 7+ amp load during the test. This function will help find many relays which only fail under significant load, ensuring a higher diagnostic success rate.
  • Applications:
    • Automotive
    • Heavy Duty
    • Marine
    • RV
    • Equipment
    • Improved test finds bad relays effectively
    • Full 7+ amp load flags intermittent failing relays
    • Automatic 10 cycle test of the relay
    • Check 7 different 12 volts relays (#194)
    • Easiest and fastest way to check relays
    Test Specifications:
    • Settable to 4 and 5 pin relay
    • Uses vehicle 12V battery for power
    • Green light if relay is good
    • Red light if relay is bad
    • Yellow – pass w/caution, some voltage drop
    • Switch contacts are loaded to 7+ amps
    • Tests 12 volt relays

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