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Use when wheels and/or tires are out for repair, heavily damaged, or otherwise missing from the vehicle

  • Patented Universal Bolt/Lug Pattern Design
  • Compact Size 22.5” x 3”
  • Solid Steel Construction – 2500lbs capacity per wheel
  • Airless Polyurethane Rubber exterior
  • 51 mm” Offset (8 mm GUNISPACERS available for performance brake calipers)
  • Use with most OEM lug nuts or bolts
  • 5-7 mph speed rating (shop or lot use)
  • GUNIWHEEL 56 fits trucks and large SUV’s with 5 & 6 lug patterns (max center bore 110mm) Benefits:
  • Keeps vehicles safely mounted to the wheel hub (alternative to unstable or poorly positioned jack stands)
  • Keeps vehicles in a mobile state when waiting on wheels & tires – improved cycle time efficiencies
  • Use in paint booths to avoid overspray on tires and wheels
  • Eliminate need to carry multiple size shop spares
  • Don’t waste time digging for trunk spares

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs



GUNIWHEEL™ patented universal fitting roller shop wheels designed to safely mount and move vehicles with missing or damaged tires & wheels.


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