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IPA 7863 Grease Joint Rejuvenator® Master Kit


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Forces Light Oil into a Grease Joint, Flushing Out Old Hardened Grease and Allowing New Grease to be Pushed Through.

The reason why the grease does not go into the fitting is not because of the fitting; it’s because the grease has dried up inside of the joint or pin groove. Simply put, you cannot push new, soft grease into a joint if the old grease has become hard and dried, blocking the new grease.

The Grease Joint Rejuvenator® cleans the joint by forcing any light oil in through the fitting. Just fill the Grease Joint Rejuvenator® with light oil, connect to the fitting and gently tap over and over again until the new oil has completely traveled through the old, hardened grease. Like magic, all of a sudden you feel the joint open and the joint or pin can now be greased.

Features and Benefits:

  • Instantly opens clogged grease joints
  • Cleans ways and stays in milling machines and lathes
  • Lubricates and unclogs bearings, control arms, king pins, piston arms, packaging, shafts, bushings, etc.
  • Can be used on farm, construction, lawn, excavating, manufacturing, machine shop and well-drilling equipment, as well as trucks, trailers and marine drive trains
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Patented


• Professional Model Grease Joint Rejuvenator® (#7862-AS) • Pocket Model Grease Joint Rejuvenator® (#7864-AS) • 5″ Flex Hose (#7884-7) • Extra Coupler (#GFC00001) • Blow-Molded Case (#7862K-1)

Additional information

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