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IPA Relay Bypass Switch Kit with Amp Loop


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Energizes a Fuel Pump with the Push of a Switch!

The Relay Bypass Switch with Amp Loop energizes fuel pumps and any 12V relay by powering a DC motor for testing. It also makes DC motor actuation and current monitoring easy. By attaching an Amp Clamp or Lab Scope, you can monitor the current or amperage readings. It allows a technician to judge the health of the DC electric motor to identify if a motor is drawing more current than specified, or if the current load is inconsistent during operation.
Features and Benefits:

  • Controls relay circuits independent of “key-on/key-off” systems
  • Run automotive, 12V DC motors with a push of a switch
  • Simplifies fuel injection testing
  • Use in conjunction with clamp-on Amp Probes and Lab Scopes
  • Operating range: Up to 20 amp continuous, 30 amp surge (12V)
  • Covers most makes and models

• Small Spade Relay – Domestic, Korean, and Japanese 2000 and Newer (#9036A-1) • Medium Spade Relay – Domestic and Japanese 1970-2009 (#9036A-2) • Large Spade Relay – Volkswagen 1999-2005 Audi 2004-2006 (#9036A-3) • Large Rectangular Relay – GM, Chrysler, and Japanese 1995-2007 (#9037A-3) • Square Relay – BMW 1995-2006 (#9037A-2) • Small Rectangular Relay – GM, Chrysler, and Japanese 1985-2009 (#9037A-1)

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