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PROFLEX Turbo Pro S 600T


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The Pro S-600T TURBO™ is 2 machines in 1. Equipped with a built-in air compressor the TURBO™ can perform all the above tests on both regular cars and light trucks and with the push of a button switch to turbo mode and test single turbo, twin turbo and supercharged vehicles. Along with the fully-equipped regular accessory case we include 2 newly redesigned Bladder Blockers™.

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Weight 18.7 lbs



Proflex+ produces the top automotive leak locators in the industry. If you’ve been looking for new leak locator devices for your auto garage, you’ve come to the right place. Our units use a harmless vapor known as ‘smoke’, rather than potentially hazardous chemicals, to detect leaks in vehicles’ piping systems.


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