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STECK Super Easy Wedge 7″ x 9″

STECK Super Easy Wedge 7″ x 9″


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Stecks’ bigger wedge can provide more power as well as a bigger opening in which to maneuver the BigEasyTM lockout tool.  If the surface area is not large enough, the possibility of damage is increased; a bigger wedge allows you to spread the force being exerted over a larger surface area, reducing the possibility of damage.

The Super Easy Wedge is a 7″ x 9″ inflatable wedge made from ballistic nylon, to aid in preventing slippage in extreme weather. The Super Easy Wedge also has a taffeta print on the exterior, with a 30 gauge polypropylene insert for stiffness, which will lend to ease of insertion into the vehicle.

The Super Easy Wedge has a contact area of 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 equaling 11.25 square inches; multiplied by 15 psi, gives the wedge 168.75 pounds of force.  The bulb has been increased by 50% allowing for fewer compressions to fill the wedge.

Weight 1 lbs


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