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Toolbox Widget Knuckle Scrubber Hand Soap


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  • With the full-size built-in scrubber this bar soap can easily clean the grease, oil, paint, grime, dirt and more off your hands with a few scrubs.
  • Tired of having oil and grease in your fingerprints or around your fingernails?
  • The built-in scrubber is what make this soap different from other hand soaps you have used. The scrubber block is the same size as the bar of soap. So, as the soap wears the scrubber still does its job and actually better.
  • Made just for mechanics, painters, DIY’ers and more.
  • Apple Scent 140 grams bar
  • 1 Bar 3.0” L x 2.25” W x 1.25” H
  • 140 grams, 5.5ozs shipped

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ToolBox Widget


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