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XCP VendaVolt M3P UL Listed Level 2 Electric Vehicle 40A Visa & MasterCard Cashless Cell Phone App Timer Payment Pedestal Charging Station


: $1,595.00 ($100.00)


The EV patron plugs the power cord plug into their electric vehicle, then makes payment with their cell phone Visa or MasterCard Clear Token app. The VendaVolt EV charger starts to send charging electricity to the EV vehicle. Charging will stop at the end of the selected payment charging time. As an example most locations charge in blocks of 15 minutes or 1 hour increments. The Clear Token Cell Phone App displays the charging times and payment amount required. View the YouTube video by clicking this link.

Please contact us for technical information or any questions you may have. XCP provides high quality EV charger Nayax cashless payment vending equipment. We provide our expert advice at no charge.

The VendaVolt EV Charger is Efficient and affordable. It is a great choice for commercial and public Electric Vehicle charging. The VendaVolt is the perfect charging solution for retail locations, restaurants, hotels, public parking areas, schools, apartments, office buildings, or airports. Drivers simply pull up, plug in and charge. The VendaVolt EV charger is integrated into a durable 16 inch tall x 7-3/8 inch diameter bollard with a 1/4 steel inner cylinder for outside street or parking lot installations. The VendaVolt Commercial Grade EV Charger is designed to tolerate harsh weather, vandalism, and light impact. The VendaVolt has a 25 foot charging cord. The UL listed 16 foot cord is the industry standard for maximum versatility to drivers of all types of electric vehicles.

Please note that the internal 16 inch tall steel mounting pedestal stand is part of the VendaVolt M3P 40A EV Charger. The cord holder bracket is mounted with 3 stainless steel carriage bolts on each side of the VendaVolt bollard.

Included with the purchase of the VendaVolt M3P 40A EV Cashless Payment Charger is a “Free” Clear Token Dashboard. Allows you to track your sales, change prices and text information on the cell phone app.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

32 Amps

Input/Output Power

7.2 kW circuits


40 Amps


SAE J1772

Temperature Rating

-22°F to +122°F


208 VAC – 240 VAC


XCP Corporation


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