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CTA 7395 Ball Joint Hammer Nut Kit

Ball joint hammer nut set


In stock

Separates the steering knuckle & suspension joints from control arms and strut assemblies using an impact hammer

  • Can also be used to remove wheel studs
  • Services Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru and more
  • Carefully select the correct size before threading onto knuckle or suspension joint
  • Sizes:
    • M12 x 1.25 (Honda, Subaru)
    • M12 x 1.5 (Mercedes, Toyota)
    • M14 x 1.5 (Mercedes, BMW, Toyota)
    • M16 x 1.5 (Mercedes, Toyota)

Key features:

  • Specially designed cone shape cavity keeps the impact hammer securely in place during use, preventing slipping, cracking or other damage to the nut or surrounding components. This promotes safe and controlled joint separation.
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Subaru models. Proper size selection ensures a tight and centered fit on the knuckle or suspension joint.
  • Can also be utilized to remove stubborn wheel studs on many vehicles.

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