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A new solution, building on the legendary OTC C-frame ball joint professional kit.
This extra-large C-frame uses stainless steel ball bearings to securely hold cups and adapters, making it easier to setup your press to remove and install ball joints, U-joints, wheel studs and more. The Professional Kit includes 25 cups and adapters for more than 600 vehicle applications, 76% more vehicle models than competitive C-frame kits.

Fully compatible with existing OTC ball joint kits, expand your vehicle applications and make R&I of ball joints and suspension components faster and easier. The Professional Kit comes with an illustrated manual with vehicle diagrams and part numbers (CA6630MAN-18), and a supplementary application guide with YMME information and adapter part numbers based on vehicle application.
The impact-rated forcing screw pushes with up to 10 tons of force and features a striking cap to shock ball joints loose. Striking cap also helps align components for installation. A proprietary coating helps extend forcing screw durability and lifespan, for years of trouble-free service.
Our connected adapter C-frame is the largest available at 2-3/4″ deep x 9″ wide, able to handle 3/4-ton and 1-ton suspension components. Pair with your OTC 7249, 6529, 6539, 6559 kits and more to build a ball joint kit for all vehicles.

Includes all 4 adapters needed for Ford Track Bar Ball Joint Replacement. See Downloads section for operating instructions.

The OTC CA6630 is:

  • Easier to handle: Patented connection and adapter design uses spring-loaded stainless steel ball bearings to securely attach all cups and adapters to the C-frame
  • A Professional Kit with more coverage: 25 cups and adapters work on more than 600 vehicle models, 76% more vehicle models than the competition
  • Backwards compatible: Works with most OTC ball joint kits, cups and adapters
  • Faster to use: Locking cups and adapters set up faster on the vehicle and leave one hand free
  • Hassle-free: No O-rings or removable fasteners to lose, damage or replace
  • Multi-function: For R&I of ball joints, U-joints, wheel studs and more

Kit components:

  • Connected adapter C-frame with patented secure-locking ball bearings to hold adapters in place (CA6636-1)
  • Forcing screw with proprietary coating and heat-treated for long life (CA6636-2)
  • Connected adapter forcing screw plug to securely hold connected adapters (CA6636-3)
  • Flat-top forcing screw plug for ball joint removal (29501A)
  • 25 connected cups and adapters, covering more than 230 vehicle models
  • Blow-molded case to keep all components organized

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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