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  • Easy Learning – Teaches a new user how to use the functions in the tool.
  • Easy Diagnostics – Guides a user through simple tests such as Battery Testing, Charging System Testing, Fuse Testing, and Voltage Checks.
  • Simply scan the QR Code with your Smart Device, which will link to a video to guide the user to perform these tests.
  • The easy to read LCD display – Provides easy to see readings with a simple navigation menu to get to what you need fast.
  • Upside Down? No Problem! With a new flip screen feature, you can see screen readings while holding the tool upside down.
  • Safety First. The 8 amp thermal circuit breaker provides protection while powering up components, relays or circuits while still allowing inrush current for larger draw components.
  • It’s Menu Driven. The PP3EZ has a menu driven screen that makes navigating a breeze for easier diagnosing of electrical issues.
  • This is an essential electrical tool. The PP3EZ is an all-in-one tool with DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, and Peak to Peak mode, along with audio signal capability (AC Threshold).
  • Storage temperature/humidity: -20 to 70 °C, 70% RH max
  • Operating temperature/humidity: -10 to 50 °C, 70%RH max
  • Pollution degree:2
  • Voltage & Polarity testing
  • Continuity testing
  • Activating components out of the vehicle’s electrical system
  • Activating electrical components in the Vehicle
  • Activating electrical components with ground
  • Testing trailer lights and connections
  • Checking for bad ground contacts
  • Red/Green Indicator & Audio Tone
  • DC 0 to +70V +1 Digit
  • P-P 0 to +70V
  • The frequency response for tone pass through 10Hz to 10kHz
  • PP Display
  • 15 Hz Square Wave
  • 35 Hz Sine Wave
  • First level – Display is enabled less than 20 K Ω
  • Second level – Green LED is enabled less than approx. 600 Ω
  • – & +Peak Detector Response
  • Single event capture less than 200ms pulse width
  • Repetitive events less than 1ms pulse width
  • Peak to Peak Mode
  • 0 to + 70 + 1 Digit
  • 4Hz to over 500kHz Square Wave input
  • 4Hz to over 250kHz Sine Wave input
  • The threshold for PPAC/Audible passthrough

OverVolt Warning!!

  • If the probe tip connects to a voltage greater than +70 Volts the display will show an “Over Volt” warning. Remove the probe tip immediately to prevent internal damage to the tool.

Over Load Warning

  • If the probe is connected to a battery with a voltage greater than 34 VDC the display will show an “Over Load” warning.

Circuit Breaker

  • 8 amp thermal response – Manual reset
  • Typical Response 8 amps 10amps 15amps 25amps Short Circuit
  • No Trip 20min 6 sec. 2 sec. 0.3 sec.

Additional information

Weight 3.11 lbs


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